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Your Domain Name is your website's address on the Internet. BNDN offers a selection of highly desirable short and one word domain names to give your new web site distinction and memorability.

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Is the perfect domain name necessary for a website to succeed?

No, many highly popular e-commerce web sites have ordinary names such as Facebook and eBay. But there is little doubt that eBay and Facebook would have grown more quickly with easy-to-remember domains such as and

Although there is no substitute for a good concept, a good name can help people and search engines find you. Here are some things to consider when choosing a domain name for your new website:

Relevance. A domain name should have something to do with the website it leads to. Usually the most obvious names will be already taken so some creativity is needed. This site is BNDN is a four letter .com domain with a repeating N. The last two letters, DN, are the accepted abbreviation of "Domain Name". BNDN is short and easy to remember, which are the next two considerations.

Memorability. If they cannot remember it they cannot find it. It is good to tie your name to the content of your website in some way, such as the "DN" in our domain.

Length. Shorter is better. A longer name means more keystrokes to type and thus more chance of error. Mobile internet browsing on cellphones makes this even more important --- people using small keyboards appreciate short domain names.

Availability. You can register a new domain for a few dollars per year from many companies (search for "Domain Registrars"). The advantage of purchasing domains on the "Secondary Market" - places like this website where already registered domains are offered for sale - is the opportunity to view a selection of domains no longer available to register. Quality "premium" domains are difficult, if not impossible, to find outside the secondary market.
The Domain Name Marketplace
where you can purchase quality domain names
at reasonable prices.

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